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  • Blake Morgan
    Bari has just the kind of defiant, independent spirit that I love to see––and hear––in an emerging artist. This is a record well-worth paying attention to.
  • The Examiner
    This album is a blend of sassy country and pop with notes of blues. This record is addicting and this young chic is old school country - such an original talent
  • The Bristol Observer
    Leigh’s new album, “Tonight, I’m Unchained” (is) the sound of a woman who wants to be noticed for who she is not because of her gender.
  • Nashville Lifestyle Magazine
    Her vocal abilities remain strong throughout the album with songs like “Free of You,” a female anthem on par with Miranda Lambert’s “Gunpowder and Lead.” She has the attitude and vocal strength like many other female country performers, but it’s Leigh’s songwriting that separates her from a typical artist. Leigh is proving there’s more to country music than tan legs and dirt roads.
  • Justine Magazine
    We have a feeling you're going to love Bari's debut album, Tonight, I'm Unchained, which allows us to see the best of both worlds — her raucous and powerful sound, as well as her sweet and thoughtful lyrics.
  • Justine Magazine
    Looking for a new, unique singer-songwriter to add to your playlist? Look no further than the strong and soulful Bari Leigh, whose powerhouse voice with a twang gives us chills.
  • Entertainment Tonight, CBS
    Bari Leigh is set to explode with her infectious mix of pop, country, blues and soul... buzz-worthy artist.
  • Sharon Tharp (New Artist Spotlight)
    If you're lounging around looking for some new music to download, I've got you covered. Bari Leigh is a super talented singer/songwriter fresh out of California. The 22-year-old self-taught musician (no seriously, she taught herself to play piano and guitar) mixes pop, country, blues a little rock and a little soul to give you what she likes to call ``organic pop.`` It's easy listening for any music fan and something definitely worth jamming to regardless of which genre you prefer. Aside from being gorgeous and skilled, Bari's also super down-to-earth and charming. Just talking to her, you can tell how passionate she is about her craft and is no doubt in this for the long haul.
  • Cliff Chiet, Vice President & Publisher, Clear Channel
    There are adults still trying to figure out what they want to do in life. At age 7, Bari Leigh knew she wanted to give our world a gift; her music... She has always been passionate about her lyrics and music, turning her own life experiences into memorable and catchy songs. So catchy, that many times I would find myself in the shower singing them! Bari Leigh is as beautiful as her music. She is refreshing, contemporary, and unforgettable. Her unique style of music will endear herself to all who are fortunate enough to listen.

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